Tell me more...


    Is this a course in photography?

    Yes. & No. It's whatever you need it to be.  It's a course for beginners. Or for those with experience.  We cover the basics, and give you a solid platform.  It's a course about you.  It's a course about people. It's a course about writing.  A course for the artist inside each of us.  For those with passion. It's a course that is worthy of repeating - over and over. Each time you do the excercises - you will learn something new... about yourself, about others, and about photography. You will bloom. Along the way, you will break apart the unnecessary, remove the excess and ultimately reveal your own Beauty. You will learn to draw out character. You will learn to nurture spirit.  And yes - you will learn how to photograph it.  How to record it.  How to express it.  How to search for it in your everyday life.  How to live in awe of our Creator.  And how to love the path we were created to travel.


    What do I need for this course?

    *pencil, pen, crayon, paint. you choose the medium.

    *a camera - of any kind. there are tutorials for dslr's, but it is not a requirement. the important part in any photograph is content...

    *an open mind and an eager spirit, and a willingness to let change happen.

    *at least 10 minutes a day to just BE STILL...




    How does it work?

    The class is built into workbook format and can be purchased either in pdf format (immediate download) or in book form.  (please allow 3-5 weeks for delivery)

    There will be daily topics of discussion and inspiration.  The connections you will make here will help you to go further in your journey.

    There will be written assignments as well as photograph assignments - every week.  They are connected, and are like building blocks to the greater picture.


    Who is this class for?

    Anyone who needs it.  Young or old.  Man or woman.  Professional or amateur.  Every time you take a closer look at who you are and where you want your life to be - you change.  You mature.  You refine.  You define.  You grow.


    and you bloom.